Sunday, March 8, 2015

Secret Santicore Reference: "People"

A table of contents of the "people" PDF for this year's Secret Santicore

Flower Devils vs. Silk Demons2-4Two "meta-organizations", decentralized occult alliances that are somewhat at odds with each other. Each organization has several abilities, flaws, items, etc associated with it. Gives rules on generating NPCs of each organization. Describes how they interact with each other, and gives a timeline of events that are happening in the background of the campaign world.
The Order of the Machine5A "meta-organization" for Fate games. Occult group that worships AI. Gives several NPC templates for high-level occultists.
The Eternally Young6-7Description of an early modern herbal health company/cult. Ideas on how to use this in a campaign. Includes stat block for "Grace Meeks, Undead Beauty Guru" and an alien/god thing which is using the company to its own ends.
The Death Cult8-9Description of a death cult. Details its founding and evolution into several states. Includes punishment for those found worshiping death: eternal life.
The Secret Cults and Guilds of the Desert Kingdoms10-14d30 Cults and Guilds for a desert setting. Each gets a long paragraph description. Laid out to be easy to roll on.
Horror Barbarians15-16Three horror/weird-themed barbarian tribes. Description, flavor text, and some campaign tie-ins.
Interplanetary Pirate Ragamuffins17Seven NPCs biographies. Each a sort of pirate ragamuffin. Given 4e classes but no other stats.
Garden Sports Oriented Combat and Dungeonering Moves18-19Moves built for Dungeon World that are all focused on some form of garden sport. Also gives a list of moves for Robot Characters ("Danger, Will Robinson") and Mi-Go Characters ("Wretched Humans").
What Does This NPC Do in His / Her / Its Spare Time?20-23Various tables to roll on to deterimine the hobbies, activities, and abilities of general NPCs.
30 Reaons not to Murder NPCs24-25d30 table of reasons a party might not want to randomly murder a given NPC.
Rival NPCs26-28An essay on the nature of what makes a good "nemisis" or "big baddy" in play, how to build them up and get the players invested while still leaving them agency, etc.. Includes several nemises of different form from the author's own game (statted for 3.5 from what I can tell?).
The Lonely Heir 29-33A fully-statted class for Dungeon Crawl Classics that is modeled after the typical Lovecraftian protagonist: a lonely pampered young man who falls into something greater than himself, which slowly destroys him.
d12 Sorceror-Queen Generation Table34-35Seven d12 tables that, when rolled on together, generate a playable Sorceror-Queen.
Super Powers in D&D Type Fantasy36-40Various tables and rules for generating and playing D&D characters who have super powers. Presented as "things to do after usual chargen".
Table of Adventuring Parties41-46d10 table of adventuring parties, each with a short back-story and multiple fully-statted NPCs for LotFP.
Four Monastic Orders47-50Descriptive text + rules for 4 different monastic orders, including a 5e "path" for each one. Includes schisms and relationships amongst the orders.
NPC Faction Cartomancy51-52Rules for using playing cards to build various types of NPC factions—whether nations, guilds, etc.. Describes how to lay out the cards and what different types of cards mean in context. Elegant and fast. Includes examples.
People53-57d100 tables for generating NPCs to be found at a market quickly. Includes name, business at the bazzar, and a secret for each.
Three Robbable NPCs58-60Descriptive text of three rich/robbable NPCs, what they have, and how they hide/guard it. Each scenario could lead to muliple sessions of play.
The Hunted—A Gonzo Racial Class for OSR Games61-64Instructions for building a racial class of forrest-dwelling giants for your OSR system of choice. Includes descriptive text of their culture, rules for their special abilities, and how to generate the class regardless of your system.
Rats!65A picture of a party lowering one of their own on a rope into a well, while giant rats at the bottom scramble for his delicious flesh.

More information and references for other PDFs is / will be available in this spreadsheet.