Sunday, March 8, 2015

Secret Santicore Reference: "Places"

Here's my final installment of the Secret Santicore table of contents. You can find it all together, with added information, in this viewable google spreadsheet.

James has posted the Adventures table on his blog, and will be bringing us all Monsters soon.

Trollheim2-3A city inhabited by a Dark Dwarf and his followers. Description and lore type text, + monster statblocks and some NPCs. A sort of arcane lovecraftian architectural horror city.
Fort Delierium4-5A keyed map of a walled fort and surrounding small village. Map itself is perfectly detailed, the keys offer the most bare of building names. Will require some GM work, but the right kind of GM work.
Across the Mountains6-8Notes on several cultures "across the mountains" from your current campaign location. Includes rules for gunpowder, special spells for the location, setting lore, and more. A mini-campaign setting.
The Portal Collector9-12Various pieces of fine art that also act as extra-dimensional portals. Their function is related to their form. Includes a dice drop table where you drop dice on one of the pieces of art, an included collage.
Fantasy Shoppes13-14d20 table of shops you might find in a fantasy city. Includes info on shopkeeper, how they are, what they do.
The Other Side of Mirrors15-16Rules for entering the other side of a mirror. Includes a spell, "Window Walk", and what to do with Vampires and mirrors that face each other. Behind the mirror is the world of the ID and Ego, those animal instincts that bubble up to our minds in our fantasies.
Zero-G Encounter17A zero-g encounter / room in a Wizard Tower. Added rules for combat make it more tricksy than usual. Hilarious description text.
The Cosmic Sinkhole18A neat little encounter created when the room the players are in phases in / overlaps with a giant ant colony, and the only way out is to let the pupea they face kill them.
Just Another Town19-21Three d20 tables for generating an interesting happening at any given random village, as well as an NPC who can introduct the players to that happening.
Welcome to Fantasy Islands22-24Tables and worldbuilding information to help you build islands quickly. Includes a random encounters table for each island type.
Interstellar Discoveries25-27d17 (?) table of random encounters on uncharted planets. What happens when your spaceship lands?
The Plurality of Hives28-29Description of a multi-dimensional portalway ruled by sentient insects who allow traveling caravans to trade between the plans. Each doorway enters a different RPG system.
Drawing: Dank and Slimy Location30A great ink drawing of an adventurer being killed by some slimy slime in some dark underground dungeon cavern.
Prisons on the Vegland Borders31-35Rules for creating and stocking prisons of vegetable people. Since veggiefolk don't exist in any OSR RPG, there are also rules for creating and running them and how they should interact with animalfolk.
Orobor36-40Rules for running a 7-roomed, 7-inhabitanted extraplanar dungeon thing. Reading it is better than me trying to sum it up in any way, so go do that.
Wilderness Area Trap Generator41-43Tables and rules for creating and running both hunting and defensive traps in wilderness areas.
Jessup's Tree44This is one of the best secret santicore instructions I've ever read, and the entry lives up to the ask. A description of a tree that has seen so many lynchings that it wants more, and is corrupting a nearby village so that it can feed on more hanged souls.
Turtle Monestary45What appears to be a monestary built into the shell of a giant three-headed turtle. Sadly, the image is a little washed out so it's hard to see too much detail.
Citadel of the Goblimites 46Detailed isometric one-page dungeon style map. Includes various rooms with adventure suggestions in the name. Map = detailed, descriptions = sparse, perfect combo.
All the Greats on Your Favorite Station47-49Two space stations for a Star Wars-esque getting, both with a fantasy/horror vibe. One is keyed and mapped as a node map, the other is pure description. Both are clever and would make a good session of play.
The Taking Trap50A trap inspired by "The Giving Tree". You befriend a creature who gets you out of a deadly trap, but then asks a little bit too much in return.