Sunday, March 8, 2015

Secret Santicore Reference: "Things"

And so is finished the table of contents for the "Things" Secret Santicore 2014 PDF.

There were a tonne of great rules and systems in here. "Diseases and Cures" is definitely finding its way into my Rivercrawl game, and "Gear and Careers" is just going to be my new normal for "defining player gear at chargen".

When the Monster is the Treasure2-3Rules for harvesting parts from monsters/animals. Tables for what you get, what they do, what it's worth, etc..
Things Found in an Abandoned Hospital or Asylum4-5A d66 (or 11d6?) list of things found in a modern abandoned medical facility. Each item comes with a modifier to make it work for a horror or medieval game.
An Arsenal and Armoury Pertaining to the Shed and Stolen Nails of Giants, Giantesses, and Giant Brood6-7A listing of items created from the use of the finger and toe nails of Giants. Arrayed in several tables depending on if found wild or as spoils of war. All pretty nasty in a body-horror type way, but also useful if you're OK with the nasty. Includes rules for several weird diseases you can catch from using the objects.
What is That up There, My Lord?8-9Four d10 tables that can be used to generate a "Buck Rogers-type" spaceship, including the craft, the pilots, the weaponry, and its mission.
Deep Dungeon Transports10-14Discussion of the viability of various types of non-magical transport options in the deep underdark. Breaks the general problem into more specific instances, describes ways of solving each instance. Includes putting something in the belly of a Purple Worm, getting transport across the deep underground sea, and using Beholders to carve out large tunnels.
Black Magic Alphabet15-16d26 alphabet tables for generating tomes of black magic, including their name and what's contained inside them.
The Alchemist Store17-18Eight d6 tables for generating an alchemist's store, including items in the shop, other customers, the owner, etc.
Games of Irradiated Wastelands19Five short descriptions of games played by peoples in a post-apocalyptic setting. Gonzo/silly in the best way.
Dangerous Technology for Stupid People20-28100(?) dangerous technology items, such as the Fez of Protection, the Soup Bowl of Death, and a Spinning Bow Tie that knocks down missile attacks. Great fun list.
The Seven Vestments of Sutoyar the Mad29-32Seven magical clothing items enchanted by a mad historical figure. Each has advantages and disadvantages when worn, as well as a magical and mundane history.
Amulet of Flawed Majesty33-35A magic item which gives the character a permanent +1 to Charisma and the occasional +6 to charisma and random super power, but at the cost of the characters' soul.
12 Wizard Hats36-38Twelve wizard hats, each with an image and a description, each of which offers certain advantages and disadvantages in play.
Alien Bionics39-43A d20 list of alien bionics with descriptions on how to use each. These are fairly serious scifi technomagic items, and rules are provided for using each one in play including advantages and disadvantages.
Thirteen Tomes44-45A list of 13 magical books, each with a paragraph description detailing what they do. Any would make great loot in a D&D campaign.
Random Effects for Eating Mushrooms or Other Bizarre Foods46-49d100 table of effects from eating weird, dangerous, rotten, unknown, etc foodstuffs. Most are short and fun in play, offering more flavor than mechanical (dis)advantage, although mechanics are there.
Magic Cutlery50-51Backstory and a list of 15 magical eating implements. Can be left in a wizard's tower, a magical school, etc.. The effects tend to be small but useful in a dining setting. I'm sure players can find a way to make them useful for killing things and taking their loot.
The Five Blades of the Dead Titan52-54Five magical, sentient swords, each with different magical abilities that they grant their users, but also each has its own goals and will attempt to take over the character to achieve those goals.
Clerical Spells55-57A number of clerical spells for three different deities: The Builder (Structure and Self), the Lady (Blessing and Light), and the Shipbuilder (Sails and Storms). Excellent list to help add flavor to different types of clerics.
Organizational Events for a Fantasy City58-61A d100 table of events that might happen in a fantasy city that pertain to its management and government. Often will affect a party of PCs, lead to adventure hooks, etc.. Great way to make the city feel alive and bureaucratic.
Gear and Careers62-64A method for determining starting gear of a newly rolled character that doesn't involve buying it. The character will get different gear depending on their ability scores and their class. Low scores don't get bad gear, just different gear. Really neat, versatile, and fast system.
Accessories of Exacerbating Transformation65Three magical clothing items that in some way transform their wearer. Switch mental/physical attributes, mutate them, etc..
Plastic Model Spaceships66-67Tables for quickly rolling up Gonzo Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy style spaceships of varying size and functionality. Comes with illustrations, is both hilarious and functional.
Magical Medical Marvels68-72Various items, spells, NPCs, and adventure hooks, all of questionable healing power. Oh, they'll heal you all right, but they'll also grow you weird limbs you didn't know you wanted (and probably didn't).
Uncommon Skills of the Second Age of Adventuring73-74A list of narrow skills / non-weapon proficiencies for your Old School game. All are helpful, most are a little funny too. Great way to round out a skill or feat list.
Random Potion Effects75d20 effects a random potion might have. Some are gross and deadly, some are useful, and some are window dressing. Given the context of "Wizard creates these, force feeds them to prisoners to see what's up", that's a pretty good mix.
Quick and Dirty B/X Vehicle Rules for Science Fantasy or Sci-Fi76-77Really quick and easy to use rules for deteriming the speed, handling, cargo load, etc of random vehicles in play.
Strange and Terrible Artifacts from the Bleak78-79d19 magical scifi artifacts. The short descriptions leave a lot to the GM to decide, but give some great flavor text.
Diseases and Cures80-83Two d20 tables. The first is long descriptions and rules for various diseases that a character might catch. Some might even appear to be helpful on the surface. The second is a d20 list of "rumors of cures", which do a good job of suggesting adventures for the player to go on to get cured.
Galdr Rune Magic84-87A totally new magic system + class for DnD-type games. Uses runes, which can be either invoked by speaking them or inscribed on something. Different effects come about depending on how they're used.
Tapestries, Murals, and Mosaics88-89Various wall decorations. Mostly flavor, no real mechanical effects. Really great flavor.
Mundane Magic90-9430 items whose magic focuses on day to day life, rather than adventuring or combat. Magic as daily technology, if you will. Great list.
Wizard Treasure95-97Tables detailing wizard loot! This is what Seclusium of Orphone should have been. Great system that emergently allows for having more, and more rare, loot for higher level wizards.
Yuletide Playbook for Dungeon World98-100Moves, monsters, and more for your Christmas-themed Dungeon World game.
Items that Grow with the Characters101-102Six whimsical magic items that grow more powerful as the character who is wielding them levels up.
The whole table of contents can be found in our handy-dandy Google Spreadsheet link: