Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's up with that random Amazonian village?

Village size (1d20):
1d20 x 5 dwellings, except on rolls of a 1. Then, 2d20 x 10 dwellings.

Dwellings are (2d4):
2. Treehouses
3. Floating on the river
4. Grass huts on stilts
5. Wooden, set back from the water on a high bank
6. Wooden, abandoned during floods
7. Buoyant grass huts, so they float during floods
8. Watertight with rooftop entrances

Wealth (2d4):

2. Great 3-5. Healthy 6. Hard 7. Sickly 8. Starving
Food d6 rations / dwelling d4 rations / dwelling d2 rations / dwelling d4 rations / dwelling d2-1 rations / dwelling
Warriors +5% +0 -5% -10% -15%
Decoration Silver, rare woods Animal pelts Grass, wood Grass, wood Decrepit

Average 4 people per dwelling.
15% 1-lvl fighters
1% 3-lvl fighters
1% 2-lvl magic users
0.1% 5-lvl magic user
75% women/children/elderly
The rest are 0-lvl fighters.

Contacted before (1d8):
1. Yes
2-8. No

Weapon types (1d8, 1d4):

Warriors wield:
1. Spears (d6, thrown or melee)
2. Atlatl and dart (d8 thrown)
3. Bow + arrow (d6 distance, 1 in 12 poisoned)
4. Clubs (d4 melee, d6 if sharktooth)
5. Poison blowdarts (-2 to hit, save vs. poison or fall ill)
6. Net + spear (save vs. paralyze or get trapped and stabbed)
7. Trickery
8. Roll 2d6.

Made of:
1. Wood
2. Sharktooth
3. Bone
4. Stone

Reaction Roll (1d4):
Word of the party travels more quickly than they do. For each of the last two encountered villages, apply a modifier of -1, 0, or +1 to this roll based on whether the encounter ended as hostile, neutral, or friendly.

-1. Hostile (active)
0. Hostile (active)
1. Hostile (passive)
2. Standoffish
3. Cautious
4. Curious
5. Friendly
6. Friendly

Encounters (d12):
Roll on this table if the party is able to land. Whether they land in peace or in the fray will determine how it plays out. Once an encounter is rolled, cross it out and add the next down on the list in its place. Or just roll d20 and accept that you'll get repeats.

1. Young girl wants to be taken away.
2. "Christians? Oh yeah, we got some of them, funny looking guys who live about 50 miles inland."
3. Giant turtle farms.
4. Giant tree trunk with map of the area carved on it. At least one point of major interest. Vassal village of the "amazons".
5. Shaman warriors. Every two turns the shaman go uninjured, everyone in the party must save vs. magic or suffer -2 to hit for d6 rounds.
6. The leaders wear gold jewelry. Total 2d100 GP worth of gold jewelry and decorations in the village.
7. Temple with prayer idols made from brilliantly colored sewn feathers. The temple itself is made from two kinds of wood, one perfectly white and one perfectly black.
8. Weapons storeroom. Sharktooth clubs, atlatls, manatee skin shields, etc..
9. Chief owns a diary from a fallen conquistador from Pizarro's trip.
10. As a protest against colonial rule, a monkey has been appointed chief.
11. Someone stole their writing, and they want it back.
12. They're in the middle of a potlatch, players can join if they bring gifts. Treat as per carousing rules.
13. Ambush! 2d8 1-lvl fighters lead by 1 3-lvl fighter.
14. Beautiful pottery with lifelike figures painted on it.
15. Everyone wears silver jewelry. 10 SP worth of silver jewelry per person in the village.
16. A freshly killed tapir rests in the town square. ~100 rations worth of meat, ~50 of offal.
17. Players are offered a gourd of yajé.
18. The indians plan on capturing and enslaving the characters in order to harvest their knowledge of metallurgy.
19. The village is having major skirmishes with some villages further inland.
20. The villages need some sacred item buried with Esur the Red but it's taboo for any of them to set foot in the burial mound.
21. The village is in shock as one of its lost children just returned telling tales of the Pale Lady.